Catholic Education

Catholic education teaches our children far beyond the traditional classroom setting and is aimed at nurturing the whole child

St. Patrick Parish is a sister church to St. James Parish. Parishioners who are interested in sending their children to parochial school at St. James need to contact  St. James school at 816-238-0281 or the parish office at 816-238-0853. St. Patrick also has a scholarship fund set-up for families who wish to send their children to parochial school. 

  • St. James School is located at 120 Michigan Ave., St. Joseph, MO 64504
  • Please visit their website for further information:

Philosophy of St. James school

St. James School is a vital part in the Catholic Educational System of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese.  St. James has as its priority to teach the Gospel message, to build community, and to serve the human community through prayer, worship, and social action.  It is essential that the school provide these opportunities for its students in an atmosphere of trust, enthusiasm, and general concern for every child.  The practice of this philosophy is St. James’s contribution toward developing a fuller Christian family life, responsible citizenry, a caring society, global moral consciousness, and an environment in which the pursuit of peace and justice is recognized as the norm for daily living and interaction with others.